Foundational Ontology Interchangeability

SUGOI is a foundational ontology interchangeability tool. One can use it to interchange domain ontologies between DOLCE, BFO and GFO (including their modules, e.g, GFO-Basic, TemporalRelations).

SUGOI Source Code

The source code for SUGOI is available here (right-click and save).
SUGOI source code


A video demonstrating the usage SUGOI (right-click and save).
SUGOI demo video

SUGOI algorithm

The full SUGOI algorithm.
SUGOI algorithm

SUGOI paper

A paper describing the implementation and evaluation of SUGOI.
SUGOI paper

SUGOI test files

The test files used for the SUGOI domain ontology interchangeability.
SUGOI test files

SUGOI online desktop application

An executable jar file that works from the desktop but requires internet connectivity and the library files bundled within the zip. If you're running this over a network with a proxy, be sure to read the readme file included and add network proxy settings to the proxy.txt file in the unzipped folder.
Download zip

SUGOI offline desktop application

An executable jar file that works from the desktop that does not require internet connectivity but requires the library files and input files bundled within the zip.
Download zip

SUGOI web-based applet

A web-based Java applet that runs from the ROMULUS repository. In order for the SUGOI web-based applet to run correctly, please configure the Java security level to "medium" in the Java control panel. For help with configuring, go to: Java 7 security help

If you're having trouble loading the applet, please read this guide Alternatively, download one of the desktop versions of SUGOI


SUGOI-Gen is a general interchangeability tool used to swap modules, not restricted to foundational ontologies.
SUGOI-Gen download and test files