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Use advanced search to find specific metadata details such as 'subsumption relations between DOLCE and GFO', 'alignments generated by LogMap', 'manual alignments created by Zubeida Khan involving BFO ontology', 'object property alignments that are mappable between gfobasic and bforo' etc.
Ontologies involved in mediation
Ontology 1 Name
Ontology 1 Acronym

Ontology 2 Name
Ontology 2 Acronym
Entities involved in mediation
Entity 1 Name
Entity 1 URI
Entity 1 type     Class  Object Property

Entity 2 Name
Entity 2 URI
Entity 2 type     Class  Object Property
Properties of mediation
Mediation relation     Equivalence  Subsumption
Mediation mappable     Yes  No
Mediation method     Manual  Automatic
Mediation tool used
Person involved in ontology mediation
Person Name