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ONSET, the foundational ontology selection and explanation tool, assists the domain ontology developer in selecting the most appropriate foundational ontology. The domain ontology developer provides the requirements/answers one or more questions, and ONSET computes the selection of the appropriate foundational ontology and explains why. The current version (v2 of 24-04-13) includes DOLCE, BFO, GFO, SUMO, YAMATO and GIST.

How to cite ONSET:
Khan, Z., Keet, C.M. ONSET: Automated Foundational Ontology Selection and Explanation. 18th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management (EKAW'12), A. ten Teije et al. (Eds.). Oct 8-12, Galway, Ireland. Springer, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence LNAI 7603, 237-251. pdf

Online ONSET

The web-based version of ONSET is neatly integrated with ROMULUS, linking to the functionality of ROMULUS. Users' answers are stored in a centralised database for further analysis on foundational ontology usage and selection.
Use ONSET online here.


Current version
ONSET v2.0 (Right click and save link as)

Previous versions
ONSET v1.2
ONSET v1.0

ONSET Documentation
Use cases from existing and simulated ontologies
Use cases from the experiment
Criteria lists for ontological commitments, representation languages and software engineering properties